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Why I read relationship books like a mad man

Why I read relationship books like a mad man

Curious, why I read relationship books like a mad man???

After we fell apart in 2010, I set out to figure out WHY and more importantly HOW –

because that shit is not fucking fun.

I came across an article that said there’s four keys to a relationship

  1. Fire

  2. Loyalty

  3. Laughter

  4. Time

How do you handle conflicts – do they bring you together or tear you apart. THIS YOU NEED TO KNOW IN THE BEGINNING AKA 1st date.  FYI I accept PayPal so you can pay me for this advice – because its FUCKING HUGE – and will save you FUCKING heartbreak 2 years in when the natural course of the relationship ends and it takes work to keep it (http://www.5lovelanguages.com/)


what the FUCK do they say about you behind your back. Don’t know??? See how they talk about their best friends and others – 100% translates 100% of the time.


obvious. How is your… well you know this one.

And time

a relationship, like wine, sucks unless you have a lot of it. Wait – before being so bold…

And just an extra – interests.

Do you have the same INTERESTS??? If you do – RUN. I MEAN FUCKING RUN AWAY FROM THAT SHIT. A-MOTHER FUCKING-SAP. A relationship is not based on common interests – its going along with the shit you don’t want to do because you – GET THIS – actually enjoy your time with that person. I refer back to LAUGHTER as exhibit A of a good relationship that’s going to last, and stand the test of time.

You gotta wake up next to this person for the rest of your life, until one of you dies… VERY ROMANTIC – I know I know. Didn’t say it would be pretty.

How do you want to spend your time on Earth.

“I want to be miserable when I’m older” said by absolutely FUCKING nobody.

And you’re welcome. Again I accept Paypal and Bitcoin, I think. That shit’s confusing.


If your life was a movie, who would play you???

Travel With Ostomy – a little life, a little business, a lot of frank.*

*Not to be confused with frankfurters. I do not sell hotdogs.