"The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations" AKA Why you think So Little, Yo;)‏ - You've Got Hate Mail
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“The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations” AKA Why you think So Little, Yo;)‏

“The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations” AKA Why you think So Little, Yo;)‏

“Men feel cherished when they are needed. Women feel cherished when they are loved.”/ John Gray, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

  • Wrote a book. Response = great job, its awesome. I didn’t care, ok, maybe just a little.
  • Book hit #1. Response=Wow, that’s AWESOME!!! I cared a little (more just shocked)
  • Book on Barnes&Noble. Response=I’m so proud. Me= I don’t care.


Am I an ungrateful ASSHOLE???

Yeah maybe, I wonder about that.

But Also –

I Know What I am capable of already. I view myself as capable and worth a Lot. A FUCK LOAD.

So I don’t care what other people think – I tune out the criticism and praise; but, I always listen to Feedback and work to make the product as friendly, usable and efficient as possible for the customers.

I don’t have my ego involved. You can say I am proud of you – Don’t care. But say I love what you created and it makes me proud, smile, and know I’m on the right Track. Rather criticism from a honest critic than praise.

Yo – I Don’t Count the praise, but the book sales and money in my bank account. Yo, praise is free – the surest sign of approval is a purchase!!! Winking face

“Vote with your wallet”

I wrote the book, it got praise, no one bought it, I ended up homeless. Yo.

So Call me an ASSHOLE – But from experience, what I’m doing is not a surprise to me, I know my worth and If you want to praise or criticize – Yo, Do It with your wallet. Yo, at the end of the day – It’s not the praise or criticism but the Benjamin’s in my bank account that make me smile.

Yo, and if you want to say Anything – how about???

“How did you do it??? “ <- Because Yo I will spend hours explaining for free at no charge if you show any Interest. Yo.

And, the view I have of myself –

#1 Book:  “Sure, I would expect nothing Less From You.” Yo.

Cheers!!!-jamieSmiling face with open mouth  

“You don’t tell a cactus, it’s green. Why? Because it already knows” Spanish proverb (I don’t know – maybe. Yo Winking face)


What Makes you tick??? Yo 😉