Shy Extroverts - You've Got Hate Mail
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Shy Extroverts

Shy Extroverts

So Yo there’s a misconception – introvert likes solitude, extrovert likes people.


It’s where you get your power from.

Yo – Check this SHIT

Basically, an extrovert gets their power – feels recharged – when they’re around people. Doesn’t mean they interact, they are boisterous, No – Just being around people fills their LOVE TANK, YO (Look into The 5 Love Languages) so basically that quality time, or some SHIT, like that makes them feel recharged. So yeah, Check This, you can be Shy & Extroverted.

How do I know???

You FUCKING GUESSED IT. Yo I’m one of them. HAHHA That should surprise nobody.


But check this – I’m not interested in where you’re from, what you do for a living, your big dream you love to talk about (But not do anything about – Ok, not fair, some people). No, I love the quiet, peaceful moments Shared laughing, enjoying a quiet coffee, a peaceful hike, an aggressive bike ride. So yeah, maybe I’m Shy, I tend to think I just don’t want to be drawn into your drama HAHAHA

I dig my life, Yo, it’s taken a lot of hard work to get here. Yo, I would like to enjoy my time spent with you. So, no, I don’t want to talk about where I came from (Washington, DC , for the record), what I do for a living (disability, book and music sales, consulting) or really the same about you – for work I like to talk about strategies to get you to a means (how to buy a house, how to setup a business, how to overcome _____ ).

So yeah, I’m a Shy introvert, and yes, like Every FUCKING day, I have the thought,

“I’ll never get married”

“I’ll never have children”

“I’ll never have friends”

“I’ll never be able to flirt with a girl”

Yo, but they’re just thoughts. I don’t stress so much my thoughts but instead my dream and strategies to get there.

So go ahead and label me a “Shy Extrovert” I’ll FUCKING wear that crown proud. And, yo, if you want to Talk about something that means something to me – Yo, You’ll discover, I’m not really SO SHY. YO;)

So how does this help you???

HMMM… Don’t feed into labels, or stress the labels you put on yourself. THEY’RE JUST IDEAS.

 “Truth is in things, not words” /Herman Melville

Yo, don’t be drawn into words, be drawn into doing things. FUCK the label or word it gives you. YO. 😉