With $50 In The Bank Account, The Impossible Happened

I got the email. Then, another one came in.

Several weeks, maybe a couple months earlier, I had set my resume and a cover letter (I had individually typed each letter specifically for each business) to every engineering company that I could find in San Diego.

*Cue crickets*

I waited; twiddled my thumbs like they people do when they wait; and, the money in my bank account slipped away.  I had been renting a room from a college friend and he wanted to raise the rent; I couldn’t afford it. I had to do something–move, find work, go back to my freelancing business.

I woke up that morning and probably checked my bank account to see what was going on, then started putting the ad together for Craigslist. Sell my car, use the money to buy a 1-way plane ticket to Europe to stay with a friend and live/travel.  Nothing was coming from San Diego as far as work; I had one lead earlier that year, and after flying out for a job interview and long weekend at a hostel in Pacific Beach, San Diego, had decided that, “YES, this is where I want to live.”

I turned on the computer (I can recall in vivid detail exactly how it transpired) and got the 2 emails. I saw them and paused on placing the ad; I already had taken a picture of my ’98 Nissan 200SX to place in the ad selling the car for the plane ticket.

The sign-on bonus went towards small repairs on my car and a deposit on a small cottage in San Diego, when shortly after I did get the job.

That was 11 years ago.

Down to $50 in my bank account, it happened.  I don’t recommend you let it get to that place; be smart in your life and your decisions.

Sometimes your dreams don’t come true when you have everything, but when you have next to nothing.

Good luck!

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