"We Have A New Detective #casoAF", I tell Hooligan Red, "the inhabitants of #NEFRTO are concerned about their old growth fawnageAF, Yo!" "Consider it done", Hooligan Red replies. I say, "You get a new name." #sexyAF - You've Got Hate Mail
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“We Have A New Detective #casoAF”, I tell Hooligan Red, “the inhabitants of #NEFRTO are concerned about their old growth fawnageAF, Yo!” “Consider it done”, Hooligan Red replies. I say, “You get a new name.” #sexyAF

“We Have A New Detective #casoAF”, I tell Hooligan Red, “the inhabitants of #NEFRTO are concerned about their old growth fawnageAF, Yo!” “Consider it done”, Hooligan Red replies. I say, “You get a new name.” #sexyAF

“I’m not comfortable with my new name”, Hooligan Red tells me as she turns her head and looks off into the distance.

“What’s wrong with Pantalones Blue?”, I ask Pantalones Blue as I turn my head to her.

Continuing, “many distinguised people on Dorinto have worn blue pants in the past. What’s your problem, yo?”

“It’s just”, Pantalones Blue replies, “that He wears blue pants, Yo.”

“Who is he?”, I ask PB, “what are you talking about?”

“That guy in class that I like”, PB replies as she turns her head to me, “please give me a different name for this detective case.”

“Ok?”, I tell PB as I turn away from her and look at the TV.

Hmmm…. PB was FUCKING clever.  How the FUCK do I top that one?, I think.

“Ok?”, I tell PB, “I have your new name. You ready?”

“Probably not”, PB replies as she looks down at the concrete floor, “go ahead.”

“Ok”, I say as I chuckle a little bit, “it’s Pussy & Money.”

“Oh, dad”, PM replies as she looks up at me, “are you FUCKING kidding me? I can’t be called that in public? Now, that boy, the one with the blue pants, is really going to think that I’m weird.”

“No”, I reply to PM, “it’s cool. We’re going to call you by your initials. It’s brilliant, right?”

“I really don’t think so, Yo”, PM replies.

“Hey PM, I got to call the #camisaAF company a little later to make our father-daughter t-shirts. Are you good with this or are you going to #polloAF out?”

PM sighs… I sigh…

I hit #sendAF on the videotelepathy device and the phone rings at the #camisaAF #maquiladorAF.

“Hey Fidget.”

“Hey Jamie.”

“Hey, I’m going to place an order for 5 more #camisaAFs.”

PM listens.

“Yeah, they’ll be ready in 12.674 seconds?”

“Ok, cool”, I continue.

“Oh! I don’t know.  Let me ask PM.”

“Hey PM”, I turn my head to PM, “Fidget is asking me if you want your full name on your shirt or just the letters?”

Continuing, “one second, Fidget.  I’m asking her. Ok?”

“Um”, PM replies as she turns her head, “I don’t want the guy in my class to know my real name so just put the letters.”

“Ok”, I reply to Fidget over the phone, “PM says that she wants the letters of her name on her t-shirt.”

“Yeah”, I reply to Fidget, “her name is PM Smith.”

I pause; look away for a moment; I didn’t think this out very well, I think, then I chuckle.

“Ok”, I reply to Fidget as I confirm the order over the phone, “so that will be 3 shirts with PMS on it and the other two just say Jamie?”

I listen to him reading back the order.

“Ok”, I reply to fidget before hanging up the phone, “see you tomorrow.”

“Oh?”, I reply, “you’re closed on Mondays?”

I continue as I listen, “yeah, yeah, that’s fine. See you the next time that you’re open.”


I set down the phone and turn my head to PM.

“See”, I tell PM as I turn my head to the TV, “was that so bad?”

Hyperloop One Has Taken the First Step Towards Achieving Hyperspeed

{Link Bit.ly/2sZCRRP}


Hyperloop has reached perfect vacuum conditions and speeds of 110 km/h (70 mph) in its first fully fledged trial. It is promising news for a system that could change the way we travel worldwide, with projects already suggested in Europe, the U.S., and Asia.


In its first full system trial at the test track in Nevada, Hyperloop One has successfully created vacuum conditions that allowed it to travel at speeds of about 110 km/h (70 mph). While this does not seem dizzyingly fast, it means that the system achieved its primary function of reducing air resistance to a level similar to a plane flying at 61,000 meters (200,000 feet) — this is what will, eventually, allow it to travel at hyperspeed.

The achievement marks a successful jump over the first hurdle in a series that will lead to the Hyperloop’s implementation. The next test it will undertake is to travel 400 km/h (250 mph) on the same track, although the final goal will be to travel at speeds of up to 1,200 km/h (750 mph) in a real world setting. This break-neck speed should be easier to achieve on the intercity tracks that will be significantly longer track than the test course in Nevada, which would allow the pod to build up a little more steam.


Hyperloop has significant advantages for travelers, the economy, and the environment. Eventually, it will be able to travel far faster than any method of land based transport currently available — with its closest competitor, the bullet train, only capable of speeds of 320 km/h (200 mph). Projections indicate that it will also be cheaper to build than bullet train systems. To compare, California’s bullet train will cost $12.7 billion to install, while Elon Musk predicts a Hyperloop will cost $7.5 billion.

The hyperloop will also beat out other means of transportation for convenience and value — it is designed to arrive at stops every 30 seconds.

Former NASA Climate Chief Warns That Earth Could Become “Practically Ungovernable”

{Link Bit.ly/2tcEvmZ}


Simply fixating on the potential negative effects of climate change instead of focusing on efforts to combat it will not help our planet. However, climate changepredictions are the reason these efforts matter, and they provide valuable insights as to how we should take action.

According to former NASA climate research head James Hansen, the effect of climate change we should be most focused on isn’t the warming of the atmosphere. It’s the rising sea levels.

Hansen told New York Mag that he doesn’t think the atmosphere will actually warm as much as some have predicted by the end of the century, but he does think that sea levels will rise significantly due to melting polar caps. “I don’t think we’re going to get four or five degrees [Celsius] this century, because we get a cooling effect from the melting ice. But the biggest effect will be that melting ice,” he asserted. “In my opinion that’s the big thing – sea-level rise.”


In a paper published last year, Hansen warned that continuous reliance on fossil fuels could increase sea levels by several meters in just a period of 50 to 150 years. That seems like a long time, but Hansen’s predictions are significantly greater than the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s projected range of sea level rise of 30 centimeters (~1 foot) to just under a meter (3.2 feet).

Coastlines are home to more than half the world’s large cities, so a significant portion of the population will be affected by these rising sea levels. “The economic implications of that, and the migrations and the social effects of migrations … the planet could become practically ungovernable, it seems to me,” said Hansen.

“Do you know how ridiculous you look?”, PM asks me as she looks over at me crab walking on the beach.

“Look”, I reply to PM, “I’m just trying to recreate the scene. Remember what the Chief of the Fawnage said?”

“Yes”, PM replies as she looks down at her notepad, “he said:

Our old fawnageAF is displaying strange behaviors; talking backwards; relaxing in the sun; awake all night; picking fights with the daisies; overall, the fawnageAF in it’s old age is becoming agressive and they are not sure why?

“So”, I tell PM as I continue crab walking on the beach, “put yourself in the shoes of the fawnageAF. They have been living most of their life without a sun on this planet; adapted to different conditions; now with the gravitational pull of the planet luring a passing comet and the ignition of it’s Hydrogen; there’s a sun orbiting the planet; I’ve got!

PM looks at me, “you’ve got it? Do you mean a symptom of idiotitis?”

“Hey”, I reply to PM, “that’s not funny. What’s up? Your jokes are usually better?”

“I know”, PM replies as she looks down at the sand at her feet, “I’ve been in the sun for too long, today.”

“Exactly!”, I tell PM as I stand up, “the fawnageAF is not adapting because they DON’T need to! The sun that just appeared in their sky is actually helping them! For the first time, in their existence, they have a sun to provide nutrients–they don’t know how to behave in this new world!”

PM looks at me, “it could also be that they are spraying the fawnageAF with a chemical that is reacting in them to cause these symptoms.  You see that plane over there, in the distance, dropping chemicals from it?”

“Oh yeah”, I reply to PM as I squint to see the plane in the distance, “yeah, I suppose that would make sense too. Hmm?”

“Hey”, I reply to PM as I turn my head to her, “for the official report, can we use my idea. I thought it was clever. Can you include the crab walking part, too, when you write it up, Yo?”

“Here’s the 2,000 pesos”, I say as I hand PM the money, “thanks for helping out today. So, what are you guys going to get up to?”

The spacejet slowly lowers into the driveway; a young man gets out.

NO FUCKING shit, I think, he really does wear blue pants. Well FUCK me, Yo!

PM kisses me on the cheek, “don’t stay up too late, dad. Thanks for taking me on your detective #casoAF today.”

“Sure”, I reply as I turn and take a step towards the front door of the house.

I turn as he opens the passenger door for PM to get into the spacejet; no shit, I think, he really is wearing blue pants. Well ain’t that some SHIT.

“Hey Smith”, the commander asks me as he spits out his wad of chewing tobacco, “how’s the play?”

“Let me check”, I reply to the commander as I look out the small window at the smoke in the distance.

I get up from my office chair; cross the room; hit the side of the small TV and the letters reappear on the screen; looks like it’s still working, I think; I take a step towards the animal cage where the cat is sitting with the MRI attached to it’s head; it’s still broadcasting, I tell the commander; he tells me to give it a little more food; I walk over to the shelf marked for food; pick up a bag and return to the cage; empty the container into the feed bowl; reach into my pocket and pull out the silver tab of LSD; drop it into the cat’s water dish; keep thinking, I tell the cat through telepathy.

I look over at the small TV; a new message has appeared from the cat:

I will, if you will.

I turn my head back to the cat in the cage with the MRI; I smile; the enemy has no clue what’s going on; this is great, I think as I sit back down in my office chair and lean back a bit; there’s still smoke in the distance, I see; we ain’t there yet, I tell the general.

Scientists Just Teleported a Photon from Earth to Orbit for the First Time

{Link Bit.ly/2tVpTWg}


Not long ago, in the early 1990s, scientists only speculated that teleportation using quantum physics could be possible. Since then, the process has become a standard operation in quantum optics labs around the world. In fact, just last year, two separate teams conducted the world’s first quantum teleportation outside of a laboratory.

Now, researchers in China have taken the process a few steps further: they successfully teleported a photon from Earth to a satellite orbiting more than 500 km (311 mi) away.

The satellite, called Micius, is a highly sensitive photo receiver capable of detecting the quantum states of single photons fired from the ground. Micius was launched to allow scientists to test various technological building blocks for quantum feats including entanglementcryptography, and teleportation.

This teleportation feat was announced as one of the first results of these experiments. Not only did the team teleport the first object ever from the ground to orbit, they also created the first satellite-to-ground quantum network, smashing the record for the longest distance for which entanglement has been measured.

“Long-distance teleportation has been recognized as a fundamental element in protocols such as large-scale quantum networks and distributed quantum computation,” says the Chinese team to MIT Technology Review. “Previous teleportation experiments between distant locations were limited to a distance on the order of 100 kilometers, due to photon loss in optical fibers or terrestrial free-space channels.”


What comes to mind when you think of teleportation?

Your brain might conjure images of Scotty beaming up the Enterprise crew in Star Trek, but it’s actually quite a different process than sci-fi films present.

Quantum teleportation relies on quantum entanglement — a situation where one set of quantum objects (such as photons) form at the same instant and point in space. In this way, they share the same existence. This shared existence continues even when the photons are separated – meaning a measurement on one immediately influences the state of the other, regardless of the distance between them.