My Philosophy AKA Vibe With Life+Why I Don't Like Lifecoaches - You've Got Hate Mail
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My Philosophy AKA Vibe With Life+Why I Don’t Like Lifecoaches

My Philosophy AKA Vibe With Life+Why I Don’t Like Lifecoaches

Yo – I have Been thinking??? Why Don’t I Like Lifecoaches.

Is it Because they just care if you pay (I hired a Lifecoach – had 3 sessions (majorly FUCKED Me up – AKA Anxiety Went through the FUCKING ROOF), I stopped after 3 Sessions – Didn’t NEED That Shit.  Got an Email From Said Lifecoach. Something like, “You signed up for 6 Sessions and only did and paid for 3” You KNOW FUCK You – Not “Hey, Congratulations On Learning to Lifecoach Yourself, So Happy You Don’t NEED My Services Anymore, You Are Going To Do Great Things” no – Its Was, “Pay Me More, You NEED Me”.

Dude, LIFECOACHING AND THAT SHIT, Is A FUCKING Crutch and an Addiction – In Some Ways, A VERY Expensive Addiction.  I Saw A Therapist, Pyschologist, Here In TJ.  She Told me, Maybe One Session.  And You Know, That’s What happened.  She gave me this little assignment – Write down the pros&cons to the situation/choice/decision, You Know, ETC… I Did … Didn’t need her Help After That.  Just Needed a New Tool For The Ol’ TOOLBOX.  She Was, Maybe Not Happy, But I didn’t Get a FUCKING Email – Yo, You Need More Help, Yo, Your Need More Sessions, No – We FUCKING Knocked It Out in One Session – 45 Minutes. Done. Fucking, Piece Of Cake.

So What Is my philosophy that Has Gotten Me out of Therapy/Life Coaching BULLSHIT. Sure – It’s Simple:

Just Vibe To It

Be Clear in your head what you want – I Tell People Write down you perfect life – no Detail Too Small, then Visualize Living It – FEEL THE Emotion Of Living, Smell It, Breathe It, Embody It, Yo. 😉

Then In The Moment, be aware of this vision but Focus on Your Present Time Feeling.  Learn To Get comfortable FEELING.  Yes, I Joke that I Teach Men How to Feel.  But It is the basis of my life, of what I Do, of everything.

I Thought I was a Radical, When I Started developing it, this, in like early-mid 2011 but then I Read/ Or Was Introduced to the Firestarter Session by Danielle La Porte and Yeah, FUCK YEAH, I’m Not the only one thinking This.  And For the Record, like myself, Her Background is in Business – And IT Makes All the FUCKING Difference in the World to Start From that mindset before getting into Spirituality/Lifecoaching/ You Know What I mean.  Basically, Start From Reality and work your way backwards-forwards-sideways.  Yo, Its All About the Feeling(s).

Feel Life.

Live It/Life.

Be Aware (Present Time Feeling Awareness)

And Then

Vibe With it

Know Where You’re going – and in the moment, think, “How The FUCK Can I use this to get me closer/To my vision” – Yo Learn to

Vibe With it(Life)

In Business, In Your Personal Life, In You Pursuits, In Your Failures(Perceived), In Everything –

Dance With Live, Make Love(Fuck It) Hard, Be With it (Vibe To it)

Yo – Goals Are a means to control Life (which doesn’t FUCKING Work – and Not How this SHIT Really FUCKING Flies)

Instead of creating external controls on the variables outside your control – Go With The Flow

Yo, Go With The Rhythm, Go With The Momentary Feeling, Breathe Slowly, Run With Control, Live HOWEVER The FUCK You Choose – And Most Important

Whatever The FUCK Happens:

Just (MOTHER FUCKING) Vibe To it.




What’s Something Outside Your Control that You Are Trying to control?!! Yo – Let it Go&Vibe To This. Yo;)