Kindred Spirits - You've Got Hate Mail
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Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits

Kindred spirits: as a relationship is just “friendship on fire”, I think sweating together is accomplishing/overcoming/beating something together, it’s that shared bond+experience that makes people so strong together, 

“kindred spirits” : this is different than a soul mate but not necessarily , mutually exclusive – I don’t know what the definition of a soul mate is , besides a person whom can touch you on a spiritual plane, but it’s not becessarily that you both have the same connection or attachment to each other.

Where soul mates CAN SUCK as they tear you apart, a kindred spirit reminds you that you’re not FUCKING alone; in the middle of the night when you’re staring at the wall shaking from fear and anticipation/expectancy of the future, a kindred spirit will remind you that you’re not alone;

Although we may live and die alone, we are not unique (in our experiences).

So why did God make so many people on earth???

Because we may not agree or be drawn to our neighbor as a kindred spirit, there’s like 7,999, 999, 999 other people with experiences, and most likely, almost 100 FUCKING PERCENT, there’s one other person with a shared experience.

So when you are in bed alone, shaking, staring at the wall, remember you’re not alone, you’re not alone.

Keep the search, question what you find, and hold dear in your heart those kindred spirits that keep you sane when you’re soul mate rips you apart.

They both serve a function.

And when will you know when you find your kindred spirit.

I don’t know…


“Eyes are windows to the soul”

You’ll know. ;D

And you know What’s FUCKING AWESOME About a kindred spirit?

There will be so much SHIT you disagree on, But This Strong connection, means – FUCK IT, it’s worth the blood, sweat and tears to make it work, cause the bond that grows(instantly grew) is stronger than any possible difference.

Strongest people in my life are those I’ve shared a tough (Hiking, biking) Experience with.


What´s an experience that has brought you closer than you can describe to someone?