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Get a GATEKEEPER – The Blog that needs to be Written About Email. Yo;)‏

Get a GATEKEEPER – The Blog that needs to be Written About Email. Yo;)‏


Basic psychology, when a child is unheard he acts out/rebels, typically in destructive/nonconstructive ways.

If you are running a business, yo, when your Customers (the people paying your bills) don’t feel heard they rebel, and in a business that means they

  1. Don’t make a purchase

  2. They slander you to other possible people (lost potential clients)

  3. They go to your competitor to try and be heard

Yo, What’s the solution???

Yo, It’s FUCKING simple.

Reply. Say, “Yo, got your message. I hear you. _______(insert action for person to take) or “Yo, super busy, but check out _____ (blog, newsletter, email subscription, book, article, product, service, ANYTHING) and (perhaps subscribe to the blog where I try to answer everyone’s Questions) Yo.

How do you do this???

Well obviously, you

  1. Pay someone to individually respond to emails

  2. You use an autoresponder ( I had one or Gmail, was great , replied “SPAMSPAMSPAM”, people thoughtbI was being a jerk, but they still felt heard. And someone thought it was me, said, “Wrote you. Got a response right away.)

  3. Use or any other automated drip marketing service to schedule automatic emails to people

But, still I think, the best is:

Yo, this email doesn’t get checked, but go to the blog and leave a comment where _____ is sure to see it.

Because, from a personal stand point, there are several businesses TNT I purposely don’t buy from, because I don’t get a response. So, Yes, I act out, by not being a customer, sometimes I talk bad about the business

So when I see a business incorporate my idea, but not have the time to respond. Hey, yo, we got your email, either hang eight and we’ll get back to you or if you want to make sure your response us heard check out and comment on the blog is a WAY FUCKING better way to get my Hard Earned Dollar Then Silence.

Silence says, yo, I don’t care about you, you have no worth to me, I don’t need you.

And there’s no more direct, hurtful criticism than saying you’re not needed.

For more “rules”, check out this:

Look, the point is:

Stay focused on your business for success, but learn how to respond in a way that doesn’t divert your focus and builds client relationships. Yo.

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” / Bruce Lee

And remember a customer that doesn’t feel heard is bound to act out, and NOT in a way that’s going to help you business. is a great place to find/hire a Gatekeeper, because while your time is valuable, A customer lost is priceless. Yo.  


Is it worth it to hire someone to reply to emails or setup an autoresponder or is it better to lose the customer??? 😉