FAQ - You've Got Hate Mail
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What’s going on here?

You’ve Got HATE Mail (https://www.youvegothatemail.org) is your gateway to living more on your terms, and being successful.  Rather than waiting for the outside to support you, it’s about taking that step towards your most ideal life, regardless of what anyone says.  It’s the moment, the blink of the eye, where you take charge of your life (and conversely your happiness), and claim responsibility over your future.  It’s the breath where you say, “I got this”, and you send in the letter for the job you want, you pursue the dream that you crave, or you simply spend the $10 on buying the domain name for your empire you’re creating (no matter how big or small).  It’s not about failing because you’re reliant on others for support – it’s about you being a person that raises up those around you.  It’s about taking the doubters, naysayers, and critics, and getting them to copy you because they also want to be successful.  First, they send you hate mail.  Next, they ask you how they can do it too.

Who is going to benefit from being here?

Hey, if you want Paleo recipes – there’s a different site for that.  If your goal is to run a 6-minute mile, go somewhere else.  This site is not about achieving your individual goals, but about doing something that matters.  Anyone who wants to do the work to really dig in their head to figure out what is going to drive them will benefit from here.  Anyone who wants to start focusing on their feelings and mindfulness, you are going to get something here.  If your goal is to make a lot of money, you’re in the wrong place.  This site is not for people focused on making the money first, but instead letting the money come to them because they are being real, authentic, and valuable.  If this is you, welcome.  You’ll learn a lot here.

Why am I doing this?

I created this site after finding my happiness but not support from others.  It baffles me? I tell people, “I am happy. Yet, I so rarely get positive encouragement or letters about it.” I started thinking that perhaps people weren’t at the same place as myself – but, I can teach how to get here.

What’s the next step?

I’m working on polishing up a book, a manifesto, a tome, a guide on how to move forward in your life – by self-propulsion.  You’ll start to see notices about that soon.  In the meantime, I’m constantly thinking, “what do I need to give people now? Then writing up an article and publishing it.”  If you want to learn how to get your finances, business, and life in order – you’ll want to subscribe to updates.  I’ll also keep you posted on what’s going on with the book, apps, and other projects.  If you want to go after it – go for it (I want to help because it’s AWESOME here).

What are the ideas of this site?

There are 4 skills you need to learn:

  1. Cut expenses

  2. Develop multiple avenues of income

  3. Live SMART (this means having your actions in alignment with what you want, developing your internal why (failure is better than success), and being aware of how actions make you feel (I hate meditation as a crutch but recommend a basic practice in the beginning to start getting comfortable with your mind).

  4. Single-point focus (I want you to develop in 6 words of less exactly what’s your point of what you are doing. Here at Renegade, INC. the point is to teach you how to succeed in different ways and to change your definition of success)

What else?

This only works if you work.  Message, call, email, or contact any other way to get ideas and feedback.  Test your ideas by trying them first and connecting with other people that are having success with your idea.  You have to be open to new ideas first – or else, they won’t work.  Understand the idea before committing to it (so you don’t lose your time, money, and resources).  Education is the path to freedom.  I am an educator but also a learner.  Intelligence and experience make a person wise.