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Everyone’s on their own life track

Everyone’s on their own life track

Everyone’s on their own life track – so Yo

  1. don’t talk SHIT,
  4. ASK HOW,

I like it when people explain more what they can do, rather then why they do it, or when they ask me how do I do it or they can do it.

I support people that have BEEN THROUGH SHIT and have made the conscious choice to rise above it.

I have a professional friend, who basically lived the life of an orphan – dad disappeared, mom died young. It’s interesting, I’m curious about her story – but I’d rather have her write a little bit about it then give a long – poor me speech. I hear them, I don’t CARE. I too could give a poor me speech – but for what??? FUCKING SYMPATHY.

I get it – You’ve been through SHIT. CONGRATU-FUCKING-LATIONS, Welcome to the human condition. Yo.

We all have dreams and disappointments; I choose to focus on the first.

So how do I focus on my dreams???


  1. I don’t focus on my disappointments – and
  2. I don’t stress other people’s disappointments (Really I don’t even listen to other people’s dreams/ unless maybe we’re in a relationship because then our lives are going in the same direction).

So what’s the point of this???

Dude, focus on yourself. I don’t care your dreams – Yo, don’t concern me.

But If, you think I can help you figure out, test, analyze one means to get there – I’ll happily spend hours working with you.

So yo, want a baby??? Think buying a house will get you closer – perhaps stability, consistency, an investment for your future and your child’s future. COOL. Let’s talk about how to get you the best house, how to negotiate, how to research different areas, land values.

But yo, I don’t need to know the dream, I just help with analyzing and strategizing individual means. FYI a baby is a dream: a house is a means to that dream.

Why do I like to analyze and create the how???


But also,

“You make enough other people’s dreams come true and yours is bound to come true” something like that

So yo, While I Don’t Really give a shit about your dream (because I try just to stay focused on mine) – I will bend over backwards to discuss strategies on how to arrive there.

Yo, you are driving. You stop and ask for directions. You tell them WHY you need to get there??? No, of course not. Just “Yo, I’m lost. How do I get there???”

My response, “Sure, take a right at the big oak tree, third house on the right.” or the like

Yo, time is valuable, be wise with how you use others. And when you’re lost, people love sharing knowledge, feel free to ask – “How do I get there???”

Because, yo, I don’t care why, but maybe I know the way.

And in a nutshell, that’s how my business works.