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Badass Thinking


Want to sleep better at night? Say no to the negative, self-critical thoughts? Take a chill pill from your roller coaster of emotions? Badass Thinking gives a quick and easy-to-understand strategy for taking back your mind. Based on the widely practiced psychology of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It’s your life. Take back control by taking charge of your mind. Easy read that’s suitable for all ages.

Small Business Punx


The virtues of affiliate marketing; a straight forward life coaching strategy; how to sell based on experience. Originally published as the #1 bestseller, 7 Steps Out Of Wage Slavery. Available for purchase again. The Small Business Punx, along with Becoming Badass and Badass Thinking make up the Badass Trilogy. Designed to take you to the next level with life coaching, business development, psychology and real-world experience.