Because, Yo, I'm not communicating In A Way You Understand - You've Got Hate Mail
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Because, Yo, I’m not communicating In A Way You Understand

Because, Yo, I’m not communicating In A Way You Understand

Throughout time… yeah, whatever, I probably already lost you on that 1st part of the sentence…


Because, Yo, I’m not communicating In A Way You Understand – You’ve Heard This Sentence before, Its Passe, not to mention dry, and brings you back to History Class (Which I Personally Enjoyed – But today don’t want to hear/Write while sitting At Rosarito pizza enjoying pizza a la pierda, the view, and An Afternoon Working at the beach) VAMOS A LA PLAYA MOTHER FUCKER O O. Winking face

Today’s Lesson is on communication also Why Don’t I give a Shit about 99% (exaggeration Yo) of your praise or criticism. It’s because you are speaking Mother Fucking Swahili And I Speak Spanish. I Can’t Understand You.

I Am Looking For People to speak to me like a man, you are speaking Like You’re Talking To A Woman.


“Men want to be needed, women want to be cherished” / John Gray, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus [Yeah, I’m Well Read MITHER FUCKERWinking face]

The point is that I am putting out a bid (The Relationship Cure, John Guttmann) [<-See What I mean] and your polite Refusal because “You’re Good” – Is A Dagger In my manhood (maybe too graphic and weird Mental Image) -> A Dagger in my Pride, Sense of self And Value As A Member of the male race.

I’m Sure You Have GREAT INTENTIONS – Sure, Ok, Great.  But the point is You’re Talking In A Different Language.


So Instead Of Spending My Time Writing An Explanation (and Trust Me, 1 Key To Happiness Is not Having To Explain Yourself To Anyone)

I’m Going to write a vaguely (or overtly aggressive-passive Blog Post)

Because obviously, I can Not Understand the Words coming out of your mouth (Paraphrased From the movie Rush Hour)

Yo, When You’re Talking to A Swahilian, Speak Swahili, A Latino Espanol.

Yo, You Get It And I Cherish Your Feedback And You As A Person

Just Go Get ‘em Tiger – and you YO If you need anything “Let Me Know”

Cheers!!!-JamieSmiling face with open mouth