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Hi, my name is Jamie (I know so common right?)

Well, let’s see. I’m a professional engineer. I run a small HVAC design company called RNGD Engineering.

I had a career as a professional engineer when I decided to walk away due to illness (Crohn’s).

I’m very detail oriented and a quick learner.

I want to make you money.

Get your attention now?

Yeah! So, I believe that anyone can start a service based company with products for sale for multiple revenue sources. With the internet and the era of creators, people are starting to leverage their time to build things for sale, connect with their audience in making a list of people interested in their idea, and starting businesses that are working.

I am one of those.

I have these for my revenue sources:

1. Disability (I REALLY want to get off this and it’s driving me, but also providing steady income each month.)
2. Book sales (I have some books for sale on Amazon. Ask me if you want more details.)
3. Engineering projects (I take on engineering projects that are a good fit and then put the money into growing a better business for you. I want you to make money, remember, so I spend my own money to help make things better for you.)
4. Adventure groups (I help people be adventurous outside.)
5. Music (I wrote, recorded, and released an album of my vision of music in the future. Hint: It’s emo, electronic, with the feel of a symphony.)
6. Friends and family (I help others when I can. I get help when I need it.)

I’m not big on minimalism – but I am big on cutting your expenses (both money and time) so you can invest your resources more effectively.

I HATE SMART goals, and any notion that happiness is quantifiable (I believe, with Gabor Mate, that it’s about getting your two needs met: attachment and authenticity.)

I believe that entreprenuership is the best path to a better future (I also believe it ties into your happiness by being best when done for attachment and authentically.)

Oh, I like how I feel.

After spending years (I think also hundred’s of thousands of dollars lost when I couldn’t work and was afraid to follow what I knew I needed to do in business), I can truly say that I am happy and at peace in my life.

So, yeah, I am happy.

I haven’t broken $1 million in business, I don’t have over 100k Facebook fans, and I can’t run a 4-minute mile (I don’t think that I can), but that’s ok, because those are just numbers. What does matter to me? Being myself and welcomed by others. That I have. So, yeah, I feel pretty fucking successful in my life. Does that count?