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5 Business Rules of Thumb after 2 months going solo

5 Business Rules of Thumb after 2 months going solo

Here’s my personal 5 Rules of Thumb for business

  1. Only use freelancers that have a phone number (Google Hangout is acceptable in some instances)

  2. Set milestones – i.e. 35% submittal, 50% submittal, 90% submittal, 100% submittal. How I ran Engineering projects – finding that without these milestones – people don’t know what’s going on, no timeframes (but 100% submittal). I went back and forth with an Indesign Contractor becaus we didn’t have milestones and we both respond quickly – I thought “HEY, THIS IS FUCKING GREAT” – But in Reality, project is taking up too much time and not really getting anywhere… Well VERY SLOWLY.

  3. Be clear on what you WANT – I Mean create a legal document in the beginning that spells out EXACTLY what you both will be doing – without this, you start to scope creep, the contractor doesn’t deliver what you expect – Just Trust Me, Be clear and explicit in the beginning with exactly what you want.

  4. Do fixed price jobs – Hourly seems great, but the person will stop responding to calls, carry strange hours, be unresponsive – Again, set clear milestones, be very detailed on the scope of the project – And it Will make Your life SOOOOOOO Much Easier.

  5. Hire People Smarter Than you – In designing an eBook I choose a cover designer that was BY FAR More Talented than me in that area, in a Trademark Attorney, the same. These people have really helped push my business further along – They Know What They’re doing, they are professionals and THEY ADVISE Based on What People are really doing, on What Really Sells, And How To Really Make Money.

In Conclusion – (I Don’t Like This Word) – Be Clear with What you want and what you want of others, set milestones, hire people smarter than you and Your Life Will Be MUCCCCHHHH FUCKING BETTER!!! Yo 😉


Putting together the Chapters and Chapter Sub-Headings for this book and I think I’m outsmarting myself by being clever instead of reaching/connecting to my ideal reader. Any times you’ve outsmarted yourself??? 😀

Cheers!!! -jamie 😀