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2 Big Secret Questions I ask myself

2 Big Secret Questions I ask myself

These are the 2 Big Secret Questions I ask myself

1. Now or never?

Yo, if I don’t take action now , I will never get this moment back.  it doesn’t mean being impulsive/rash/hasty – but in this moment how can I leverage this towards my dream.

I mean, in life, we are given a series of moments, I don’t FUCKING understand the past, I have a vision of the future but I’m not so fixed to it, and this moment, how can I keep my eyes on my future and Leverage This moment to propel me towards it.

You either see the world as

  1. a problem holding you back or
  2. as different means to get to your perfect/ideal future.

There’s nothing wrong with you, have faith, build your trust, let go of the need to control.

Controlling the exterior means we lack basic internal controls –

  • stay composed,
  • consider the big picture,
  • consider the greatness you are building for the future.

Always be building the foundation stronger – but with an eye on the future erection that will be placed in it.

“If you have built castles in the sky. Let not your dreams go to waste; Just build the foundations under them.” / Thoreau

2. Success or failure?

Yo, I know what it takes to be a failure. Nothing. I mean staying in bed, sorry for yourself. What does it take it be a success??? FUCK IF I KNOW HAHHA But, if failure is when you do nothing, success possibly is the opposite. I teach SMART Action: An acronym for Start Making Action Real Today. It’s FUCKING SCARY as shit to take action – It’s Not, What if I fail??? But FUCK ME, what If I succeed??? What if my dream comes true and I’m still miserable. What If I can’t handle the fame??? The money???

Yo, don’t stress it.

The person tomorrow will be more well equipped to handle it:

  • Wiser, stronger, more experienced.
  1. Let go of the need to control,
  2. take a step today, 
  3. get comfortable with the emotion of fear –
  5. Don’t lose your curiosity that propels you in life.

I am driven by pain. It’s part of who I am. I fear losing that pain, that fuel, that desire. Well FUCK IT, I learn not to stress it.  Maybe I lose it, maybe I keep it, maybe it beats me up inside until I am the shell of, a shriveled man living in FEAR, Afraid to leave the house HAHAHA Beats me

“Don’t ask questions without an answer” / Buddha

I don’t know the answer, So I don’t ask the question – I Focus on where I want to be, and think

“Hmmm… what can I do this moment to get me there, without being irrational, impulsive, destructive”

So yes, in this moment, and every moment we have a choice:

Will we be a success or failure??? And while there’s no answer, there’s a moment to do something about it, this moment. But again, don’t let it get to you, eat you up inside,

  1. Think,
  2. release,
  3. move.

Tomorrow’s not promised but this moment is because you’re still alive

Yo, take advantage of that. Yo ;D