THE, YO, OBSERVER, OBSERVED & THE BIAS: the allegory of the in the field, yo #WFT.

“OMG, yo!”, I reply as I sip my coffee and set the taza back on the small wooden table at the cafe by the beach, “you, yo, are supposed to put the knot on your black headband on the back–not the front. You just don’t get it–you can dress a cat up in scrubs but that doesn’t make it a doctor. Appearance may influence perception but it does not infer qualified, yo. You can dress up as a witch, yo; but it doesn’t make you bad. You can dress up as a cook and still burn dinner.”

“I am a master of that, yo”, he replies as he shrugs, “I burnt the fuck out of the macaroni & cheese last night for dinner.”

“Yeah”, I respond as I roll my eyes, “not sure how that is even possible, but I don’t doubt that you could ruin heating tomato soup, yo.”

“I have no skills what-so-ever”, he remarks as he turns his head to look at the water and the 17 surfers on their boards looking out towards the income set of waves, “it’s like I am not good at anything, yo.”

“Yes–I have been saying that for a long time, yo. You, really, have no talents, skills or desire to improve–you’ve bad at everything and have no change in that in the forseeable future. It’s, like, an amateur that gives up before the game starts; a beginner that never wants to go pro; a starter that just wants to sit on the sideline.”

“I don’t have much interest in improving–I don’t want to be here, yo”, he responds as he sips his coffee, “if there is no desire, then there will be no accomplishment; if there is no motivation then there will be no action; without action, or desire, there will be no progress, yo. A ship sitting in harbor never sinks, nor goes out into the ocean; boats aren’t made to wait on the shore, yo.”

“Your allegory is interesting, yo”, he replies as he sips his coffee, “why don’t you just get straight to the point that I am a horrible person, yo.”

“I don’t really care, yo”, I respond as I continue drinking my coffee, “where you are and where you want to be concerns you–if you want, I can draw you a map, yo. If you want I can show you the direction to go from here, but you have to take the 7 steps away from here or towards it, yo.”

I pause and sip my coffee; that was profound as fuck.

“So, anyways, yo”, I continue speaking as I listen to the small digital.bluetooth speaker blaring the newest from the singer

“She’s, yo, very talented”, I mention as I turn my ears to the music, “but, anyways, if you want to go towards your dreams–you can, yo. I think… to be honest, I think that you have to tell yourself the real story and that means that you want it or you, yo, don’t want it–if there’s no desire, you’ll never take steps and stay here on the shore like a boat in harbor, yo.

I sip my coffee; it’s lukewarm.

“So, anyways–my coffee is getting cold and this conversation is getting stale so I’m going to go reheat my coffee, yo. If you are here when I return then we will keep talking, but, if you leave, I won’t look for you or care, yo.”

I stand up and turn towards kitchen in the small cafe by the beach that I own.

“You can be a customer or waiter; you can be a business or purchaser; you can be the observed, yo, or the observer.”

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