The ATF, Awesome Time Federation, & The Dutch Oven Cooking on The Camping Trip, Yo

“Why did you decide to go camping with me today, Bilta?”, I reply as I rotate the marshmellow on the stick above the campfire, “didn’t you want to do other things in your life–did you just want want to hang here with a pitched tent, dutch oven and hot cup of coffee, yo.”

“I want to become manlier, yo.”

“That’s a great idea, yo–consider grabbing my Swiss Army pocket knife and I can show you how I open a can of cowboy chili, yo.

He reaches into my small black backpack and grabs the small metal case; he hands it to me.

“Check your assumptions and you’ll find that you start on the wrong foot and so the next step is always the wrong choice to proceed, yo. Before you start, or step, decide or determine which foot you should start on–maybe, you are actually 180deg opposite the real story.

Wouldn’t Give A Penny To A Drowning Man but Expects The World Because, Yo: no biscuits for you, yo #246

“I don’t like biscuits”, Bilta replies as he leans back in his chair at the cafĂ© by the beach, “not everyone likes recently cooked warm biscuits with a light topping of butter, yo.”

“Whatever”, I reply as I stoke the fire fire at our campsite, “so did you pitch the tent right this time, yo–it was no fun last night when the tent fell in the rain while I was in the middle of the dutch over cooking our #STROGANHOFF, yo.”

Don’t #STROGANHOFF with the dutch oven in the tent, yo”, he replies as he shakes his head, “everyone knows that you don’t cook in the tent with the dutch oven–leave the #STROGANHOFF for the campfire.”

In His Angry.Digitl.Chair, He Sits And Watches Over The Business, And His Neighbors, Yo: the jealousy nxt door, yo

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