pro: so he was an alcoholic that lied from the first moment & never gave up the ghost, yo… doesn’t surprise me, yo #WhoWhereWhat21 #When & #WHY51

“Furthermore, yo”, digital.Bilfty21 continues speaking, “what I want to explain is that you weren’t there to see the expression on his face when he saw that we were just joking around, yo.  Pulling the wool over his eyes was hilarious, but also, deeply, satisfying, yo.”

“You are wearing a hamster costume, yo”, I reply as I roll me eyes, “while I am smart, attractive and astute, your attempts at humor seem less credible given your disshelved appearance–want to be taken serious, then you need to look the part.  Are you a professional or an amateur, yo? Are you selling anything that people need credibility for or are you just asking for sympathy–is your business a product or service or looking for a hand-out, yo?  Are you making an honest offer  or pushing the guilt card towards your favor, yo?”

“I like my hamster costume, yo”, he replies as he takes another sip of coffee from his taza, “I am stylish and sophisticated, yo.”

“You can be whatever that you want, yo”, I respond as I recline in my chair in the corner of the café by the beach, “but, yo, at the end of the day, I’ll be going my way and you’ll have to decide which way you will go–we meet here every Tuesday for our client-business meeting, yo.  If you don’t want to show up then I won’t see you here, but, if it is your desire to continue, as usual, just show up here at our time and we’ll meet every Tuesday at 8:37pm, yo.  Weeks pass and days change but there’s always 7 days in one, yo; why do I have to explain this constantly.”

“What”, I continue speaking as I take a sip of coffee, “is that you want to budget yourself enough to have some now, tomorrow and in the future, yo.  You can’t just have everything now and nothing tomorrow or everything tomorrow and nothing now, yo.  You have two feet, yo; put one in today and step towards tomorrow with the other one, yo.”

I sip my coffee again; it’s comforting when it’s hot.

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