On The Road: A Journal Of Travel & Rock

July 24th, 2020

I start my day by looking out the window. It’s going to be a cold one.

The rain continues falling as I slowly put on my pants and hit play on my small flip phone. The video starts as I look down at it.

It never gets easier.

The phone rings.

I look over and back out the window.

He never stops calling.

I sigh as I pick up the handset.

“Don’t worry-I’ll be there in 5 minutes. Just make sure you have my coffee ready this time, yo.”

I slam the phone back into it’s holder.


I look back out the window; with all these weather modification digital.programming coding updates this bug was supposed to be fixed.

I sigh; it’ s always something on Planet Dorinto.

“So”, I start speaking as I turn my head to my digital.companion in the bed, ” thanks for a rather unforgettable night. Self-destruct in 15 seconds after I leave this room.”

“Yes, sir!”, he replies as leans back down on to the pillow.

He turns his head towards me as I keep looking out the window.

“You see, sir”, the digital.companion keeps speaking, “it’s a pleasure to be destroyed–it’s what we robots look for.

“Yeah, whatever”, I reply as I sigh, “I just want to make sure that there’s no evidence.”

I look to the door in the small hotel room and then back to the robot.

“Don’t forget to self-destruct 15 seconds after I leave this room.”

“Yes, sir!”, he repeats as he lifts his arm in the air and sticks a thumb up.

“Ok, good.”

I take another deep breath as I sling my backpack on to my shoulder; it’s going to be a long walk to the spot.

“Hey, again”, I continue as I turn my head to the metallic figure, “remember, thanks for nothing, yo.”

I close my eyes for a moment; seconds later, I leave the room.

That would end up being my big mistake. You see there was another person in the room. When I left they turned off the robot and moved him to another room. I wouldn’t learn about this mistake until much later; but, you know, that’s another story for another time for another reader.

I toss a quarter to the bellman in the lobby as she opens the door to the bustling street in the upper-east side of Chi Town.

I tilt my head slightly; it’s always a fight to get a taxi and today looks like it’s going to be no different.

I stick my thumb into the air and instantly a yellow car appears; I need to check if this one is legit.

You see sometimes they disguise regular cars to fool you; you don’t want to make that mistake, yo!

So anyways, I think as I open the door and squeeze in with the other five people in the backseat.

Better to get in the car then to stay in the cold.

I turn my head to the driver.

“Let’s go, yo!”, I think as I blink.

Moments later, the transport pulls into the flow of traffic and we start the descent towards the valley.

I close my eyes and fall asleep; I hope he didn’t fucking forget my coffee again, yo.