NEW POST, YO: 31/10/20 // 23hrs… well, at the end of the day, “I, just, hate him, yo” & “I don’t want him here, yo” #pro #247

NEW POST, YO: 31/10/20 // 23hrs… well, at the end of the day, “I, just, hate him, yo” & “I don’t want him here, yo” #pro #247

“It’s just a biscotti, yo”, I reply to Bilta as I lean back on the beach by the water at the beach, “that’s called personification–adding human qualities to inanimate objects, yo.  You can’t add feelings to a bench–emotions are for people not objects.  You can call this biscotti stale but you can’t say that it feels happy or sad, yo.”

The Smith’s – This Night Has Opened My Eyes

“And”, I continue as I take a sip from my paper cup, “you want to refrain from speaking so negatively about things–thinking that you are a do-gooder that fights crime is probably a crime in and amongst itself, yo.  You are not law enforcment and your vigilante motives probably come down to harassment of an innocent individual trying to enjoy some caffeine at the beach.  You should let it go–fixating on others is a means to avoid facing your own problems.  Who do you see when you look in the mirror, yo?”

“A very handsome young man that has tons of potential, yo”, he replies as he sips his coffee and turns his head to the surfers in the water.

“I doubt, yo, that’s the real story”, I reply as I sigh and turn my head to them; there’s 14 surfers out there today tryin’ to catch their wave, yo, but Bilta still is afraid to get in the water to try his hand at it.

I sip my coffee; winners say that their coffee tastes better.

“What are your plans for this afternoon, Bilta”, I continue speaking as I turn my head to him, “the best meal in the world could have the worst taste if it’s followed up by something that you don’t want to do, yo.  It doesn’t matter how good that the food tastes if you dread the future; you want to lighten up your load on your mind and learn to appreciate the small moments and victories in life.  Just tying your shoes on your own or drinking the first cup of coffee that you brewed can be a victory that leaves a memorable moment in your mind, yo; look back with pride in what you’ve accomplished and look forward to a moment that you anticipate in the future.”

I sip my coffee; 3 surfers are getting out of the water and 2 are entering and I think a seagull just shit on that dude’s head.

I chuckle.

“What’s so funny?”, Bilta asks as he turns his head to me.

“Oh no”, I reply as I turn my head back to the water, “old joke about a mushroom in a bar. 

Mushroom walks into a bar, yo.

Bartender says, “we don’t serve your kind here.”

Mushroom replies, “why not, yo? I’m #FUNGI.”

Bartender doesn’t laugh and pulls out a baseball bat, “do I need to explain more, yo?”

Mushroom leaves bar quickly.

Bartender puts baseball bat back under the counter.

Mushroom is never seen in that bar again.

“I don’t really, yo, know why that joke is funny”, Bilta replies as he sighs are sips his coffee.

“It’s not”, I remark as I shrug, “it’s just a way to pass the time.  Just the two of us sitting here at the beach with coffee and a little conversation, yo.”

“Don’t you, yo, have a life or something”, he replies as he pulls a turkey sandwich out of his backpack, “you want one, yo?”

“Nah–I had a big breakfast”, I reply, “it gets boring, yo; you don’t get bored ’cause there’s always something to do put playing solitaire until dawn with my 51 cards gets old and it’s nyce to have people stop by occasionally, yo.  Like Walden’s Pond, in a book that I read years ago, occasionally the lost travellr would stumble-upon his place and he would indulge them in a brief talk before setting them on their way.  Like that, it’s nice to break the monotony by having strangers make their way around here with simple questions and small requests–it’s the small moments in the break of the day that change things the most, yo.  It’s the random that makes up life, yo; it’s the oportunity to use your knowledge, experience and expertise that gives a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day as you set your head on your pillow to fall asleep, yo.  It’s the reason that school, work and life teach us what we need for the future; it’s designed intelligently by people for a purpose.  It’s to make you, us and them better, yo.”

“Who is them, yo?”, he replies as he sips his coffee, “the people not us, yo.”

“At the end of the day”, I respond as I turn my head back to the surfers in the water waiting to catch the next set of waves, “leave, yo, people better then before you got there.”

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