LIVING ON CREDIT, DEBT & EMPTY SMILES, YO: the story of the boy who dared to, yo, keep going crying wolf, yo #246

“Yes, yo”, I continue speaking as I pick up my surfboard, “you are dramatic as fuck, Bilta, yo.  You just have to try–this one time, I will go out with you into the water, yo.  But, if you want to keep going, you’ll be going by yourself in the future.  I’ll hold your hand and we can go out together but, here forth, you are on your own.  I’ll go out with you once into the water to catch a break–but, moving forward, you’ll be the captain of your surfing ship.  If you want to keep surfing, or improving, or try to catch waves, you’ll be on your own–go if you want or stay if you want, yo.”

“I want to go, yo”, he replies as he picks up his digital.surfboard and turns his head to me, “let’s go, yo.”

He turns his head back to the water as the sun starts setting on the horizon; we don’t have much time until it is dark.

“Ok, yo”, I reply as I roll my eyes, “no time like the present to make a new memory, yo.”

I take a step into the water.

“Fuck, yo! That’s cold as fuck”, I step backwards and turn my head to him, “I changed my mind, yo–I’m not that good a friend, yo.  Have fun by yourself.”

I keep walking backwards; that water’s cold as fuck.

“So, yo”, he replies as he turns his head around and looks at me, “you aren’t going to go out with me into the water to catch waves and shit, yo?”

“It’s very cold water and I don’t really care that much, yo”, I respond I set the surfboard on the sand.

I pause; the setting sun looks nice from the shore.

“Have fun, yo”, I continue speaking as I sit down on the surfboard, “if you decide to take the plunge, yo.  It’s cold water but, maybe, someone out there can give you a couple pointers to surfing.”

I pause; why do I put myself in these situations?

“Put your hands on both sides of the board and pop up; then put your feet like 60deg. angles apart and shit.”

“That makes sense, yo”, he replies as he shrugs and turns back to the water.

“I always make sense, yo”, I respond as I sigh, “so I’m going to go buy another coffee from the cafĂ© and we’ll meet up there later, yo.”

“I’m going to go for it, yo”, he yells as he steps into the water.

I pause; they always say the same bullshit.

Moments later, he is sitting on his surfboard next to me.

“Yeah, that water was really cold, yo”, he replies as he shrugs, “thought I could do it, yo, but I am hardly the man that I think that I am.”

“I have observed that and commented to many important and remarkable people that you are hardly the man that you think that you are, yo”, I reply as I shrug, “it goes without say that we elaborate our accomplishments and downplay our failures to make ourselves better then we are but less then the others; the modest humility of being human when we are anything but that.”

I pause; we should do a fogata tonight.

We haven’t done a beach bonfire in a long time, yo”, he replies as he turns his head to me, “let me see if I can grab a some scrap wood around the dunes and maybe we can get something going, yo.”

“When it comes to beach fires, yo”, I reply as I stand up off my board, “they’re never a bad ida.”

“You know what else is rarely a bad idea, yo”, he exclaims as he turns towards the dunes.

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