The 51/49 Deal: Letting Them In But As A Minority Shareholder

“So”, I continue speaking to the board as I turn my head to look out the window in the highrise, “you think that we should do 50/50 or 51/49?”

“It’s an interesting question”, the board replies in unison, “we need more time to think, yo.”

“You have no more time”, I reply as I set the pen on the table, “sign the contract or I am going to burn it.”

“But, isn’t it better to get something compared to nothing?”

“You see”, I reply as I pick up up the pen and slide it behind my ear, “when you set a precedent too low–you’ll never change it. You need to decide from the get go that you will get what you’re worth–you start compromising and accepting less and you will never get more. This is why we have standards that we need to keep and ways that we operate that assure we will be successful now but also in the future. Success today but what the fuck is going to happen tomorrow, yo? You need to really make sure that you are doing well now but also that your future is going to be better; one eye on today and one eye on tomorrow.

“But”, the board responds as they slam their fists on the wooden table in the conference room in Suite 138 on floor 309, “we need more equity in the business. We can’t afford to liquidate assets that we can’t replace–if you want to make an offer that feeds the next 7 generations then we’ll consider it.”

“Business is risky, yo?”, I reply a I pull the lighter from my pants pocket, “as I am majority shareholder and you are trying to pull a hostile takeover, I’ll be burning this contract and you’ll be getting nothing.”

Moments later, I leave the small conference room and lock the door.

I blink twice at the trash compactor symbol and my aluminum soda can is departiculized and turned into a set of dinner utensils.

I sigh as I sit down at the table.

“It never gets easier running this business–success is what I do when and when not you are looking.”

I stick my fork into the digital.mashed.potatoes and take a bite.

“So Danna”, I start speaking as I turn my head to my daughter, “you said that you had problems with a bully today at school, yo?”

“Esta bien ya papa. Gracias por tu ayuda. Puedamos placticar manana. Ya solo quiero comer. Gracias y saludos por todo.”

“De nada, mija.”

I take another bite of digital.mashed.potatoes.

“So”, I continue speaking to her, “you think that 51/49 is a fair deal, yo?”

“Esta interesante pero despues los cosas que te puedas necesitar a placticar creo que te necesitas mas como 85/15?”

“Creo que si, Danna.”

I take another bite of digital.mashed.potates; these things never stop getting old.

“So”, I reply as I cut off a small piece of steak from the middle of the table, “you sure that you really thought this through, yo?”

“Claro, papa!”, Danna replies as she takes a sip of apple juice.

“Ok. In that case, sounds good, yo.”

I take a bite of steak and dip it in the digital.mashed.potatoes; it gets old eating the same thing everyday.

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